Individualized design, attention to
detail, and quality installation are
our hallmarks
Did You Know?
With a Professionally designed and
installed Low voltage lighting system you
can increase the...
-Safety     (Who hasn't tripped in the dark? Or had a guest do
the same??)
-Security (Fact, well-lit landscapes deter potential intruders.      
 That includes the human ones too!)
-Value      (First impressions, always first impressions! )
-Usability (Entertaining in the dark? Or juggling that flashlight
while trying to bar-barb-que.[ "Honey, I think a coyote just ate
your steak!"] )  
And of course,
Aesthetic value (To come home in the evening and enjoy
just looking at you home.)
   Our concerns as a professional landscape lighting company
are to provide our customers with safety and security while
enhancing the aesthetics of their property. We do this by using
ample light for safety and security issues while using subtle or
indirect light to produce a romantic atmosphere or a soothing
calming ambience.
   After consultation with our customers we develop a
comprehensive lighting scheme to address our customers'
desires and concerns keeping foremost in mind the safety and
aesthetics of the property.
"Lights for your nights"
Landscape lighting,
not just for
"rich plants" anymore!
Large or small, all jobs get our best effort.